Horse Stalls - New Castle, VA

Horse Boarding in New Castle, VA

Give your horse a comfortable place to stay when you go out of town with our friendly horse boarding service. At Black Diamond Ranch, LLC, we offer complete horse boarding in New Castle, VA. When you entrust your horses to us, you can feel at ease knowing they are in good hands. We live on-site and provide your horse with around-the-clock care.

Go on vacation or conduct business out of town with complete peace of mind. As a full-service horse and cattle ranch, we will take care of your prize horses while you are away. Whether you will be out for a weekend or a month, we will make sure that the needs of your animals are covered. At our ranch, we facilitate personalized care to ensure your animals remain healthy, fit, and happy.

Personalized Care

Unlike larger boarding companies, our business is set up as a small-scale operation that allows us to focus on your horse's individual needs and well-being. Every animal that we board is on a preventative veterinary schedule with vaccinations from Jason Wall at Bold Springs Veterinary Service.

About Our Boarding Options

Our ranch offers pasture boarding--a type of boarding which gives horses access to wide, open fields and a run-in shelter. It is a smart, economical way for your horse to receive care, attention, and exercise. On the ranch, horses are free to roam the fields, and we’ll provide close supervision.

Pasture boarding is a great option for horses that do not like being stabled, imparting a wild and free atmosphere while also taking advantage of the keen watch of our capable ranch hands. No matter the season, your horses will have a place to stay when they board with us.

We also offer full-service boarding. On our ranch, we have a complete stable with fully equipped horse stalls. This is a good option if you need to be away for an extended period of time or if your horse has specific needs. With full-service boarding, our ranch hands will keep close watch over your horse, and we’ll make sure they have a neat and clean environment to stay in.

Rates and Amenities

Order our pasture boarding for $185 per month. Hay and grain are included in this price, and your animal will have 24/7 access to our spacious run-in shelter. No two horses are ever quite alike. To best meet your needs, we can gladly customize your experience. Simply contact us about your horse’s preferences, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

We also provide a full-service boarding option that is priced at $245 per month. Hay, grain, and horse stall care are all included in this price. Premium blankets, supplements, and trailer storage are also available. A schedule will be arranged with you for vet and farrier services.

Of course, luxurious accommodations aren’t just available to the horses. Before heading out on your next adventure, why not get a little more rest and relaxation? We invite you to book a stay at the Maggie Bed and Breakfast--a lodge for horse owners, travelers, and anyone looking for thrill and excitement near the great outdoors.

Student Discounts

Our horse ranch is conveniently located only 25 minutes from the town of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech. To show our appreciation for local students, we have special rates available for Virginia Tech and Radford students. Best of all, we are available throughout the year.

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