Grass-Fed Beef - New Castle, VA

Delicious Fresh Beef in New Castle, VA

Enjoy the juicy flavor of our all-natural fresh beef in New Castle, VA. At Black Diamond Ranch, LLC, we take great pride in treating our Red Devon cattle herd humanely and producing the healthiest beef possible. Like the horses that we board, our cattle are pampered and loved.

Healthy, Grass-Fed Beef

To deliver the best meat products possible, we make sure that our Red Devon cattle herd is solely grass-fed and finished. The bovine stomach is equipped to consume grass, not the grain-heavy diet of modern cattle. Grain-fed beef that you typically buy in chain grocery stores can have more than 50% total fat, most of which is saturated fat, the far less healthy variety. Meanwhile, grass-fed beef usually has less than 10% of saturated fat.

A grass diet also enhances the flavor profile of the beef, granting it an earthier, lighter flavor. Connoisseurs of beef agree that nothing beats the taste and texture of beef from cattle raised on an all-grass diet. Once you bite into a burger or steak from our ranch, you’ll never be able to go back to grain-fed beef. Taste the difference for yourself today.

No Chemicals, Just Great Taste

You don’t have to worry about exposing your family to dangerous chemicals when they eat our premium beef cuts. Our Red Devon Cattle are USDA-inspected and proven to be free of hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, and steroids. We also rotate our beef cattle daily to new paddocks on our cattle ranch, giving them access to a clean pasture with fresh grass. All this special care is well worth it because it produces happier and healthier cattle.

Beef for the Conscientious Consumer

With so much cheap beef on the shelves of supermarkets, it can be easy not to think about where it came from or how it lived its life. However, we believe that having a deep respect for the animals we eat will result in a better world, as well as better quality meat. That is why our grass-fed beef comes from cattle that were treated humanely, allowing our clients to have peace of mind when they take that first bite.

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